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Alamo Industrial Mowers and Brush Cutters

Alamo Industrial is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tractor-mounted mowers, brush-cutters, and land-clearing equipment.  Made for right-of-way clearing, roadside vegetation management and grounds maintenance, our line of mowing products and parts cuts the competition down to size!

The Alamo Industrial line includes rotary, flail, and sickle bar mowers known over the years as Mott®, Terrain King®, and Triumph®.

Alamo Industrial boom mowers have been at the top of the industry for many years and are offered with many types of cutting heads including limb cutters. From highway mowing to land-clearing products, we have the solutions you need to conquer those tough vegetation control jobs!

Boom Mowers

Front Mount

Made to work on New Holland TV145 tractors, the Front Mount Machete is your answer when you need the power and performance of a proven boom with a front mounted option.  Click here for the Machete brochure.Mid-MountAxtreme™
Extreme mowing calls for the Axtreme Boom Mower. The newest of the Alamo Industrial boom family, it is simply designed to work hard and get the job done. Take a direct approach to eliminating harsh grass, brush, and tree limbs. Click here for the Axtreme brochure.

Machete™ 2
Unruly vegetation is no match for the power of the Machete™ 2. This mower makes a clean sweep of the competition. The ability to cut through up to 5 inch diameter material makes it ideal for parks, airports, roadside and right-of-way clearing. Click here for the Machete 2 brochure.

The Maverick™ stands alone when it comes to boom mowers. Reach high into trees, over the guardrails, down steep slopes, and around the waterways. Power through these tough mowing challenges with the ability to reach up to 30 feet. Swing wide, up to 180 degrees, mow in tight spaces within inches of the tires all by operating with a single one-touch controlled joystick. The Maverick is a smart design for those who want the most from their investment. Click here for the Maverick brochure.

The Samurai™ Boom Mower is made to reach above and beyond. Ideal for municipal mowing over guardrails and barriers with an economical price to fit any budget. Click here for the Samurai brochure.

The Versa® Series Mowing System allows you to use the same frame while switching out the side mounted units such as a rotary or flail, to a boom mower unit. With the Versa Boom Mower, you get the ability to reach high into tree tops, down steep ditch banks, and over guardrails with the choice of using interchangeable cutting heads to power through various types of vegetation. Click here for the Versa Boom brochure.

Rear Mount

Alamo Rear Mount

The Alamo Rear Mount Boom gets your mowing jobs done while keeping your tractor available for other applications. Made for roadside clearing and featuring a variety of lengths and cutting heads; grass, brush and tree limbs are conveniently within your reach.  Click here for the Rear Mount brochure.


McConnel® PA Series
The Alamo Industrial® McConnel® PA Series Boom Mowers are your ideal tool for mowing light vegetation in hard-to-reach areas such as park ponds, golf course sand traps, ditches and culverts. Reach over fences or barriers and trim hedges. The job is simple when you have the right tools.  Click here for the McConnel PA Series brochure.


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