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Challenger MT Series Tractors & ML Front-end Loaders

Using revolutionary designs and groundbreaking technology, Challenger products combine high specifications with superior reliability, creating greater profitability for your business.

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Challenger Models (Click for more details)

MT400B Series Utility Tractors
MT400D Series Utility Tractors
MT500D Series Row Crop Tractors
MT600D Series Row Crop Tractors
MT600E Series Wheel Tractors
MT700D Track Tractors
MT700E Track Tractors
MT800C Track Tractors
MT800E Track Tractors
MT900C Articulated Tractors
MT900E Articulated Tractors
ML Series Front-end Loaders


Challenger MT400B Series Utility Tractors

Challenger® MT400B Series tractors offer a variety of configurations to fit almost any farming or ranching operation — including 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive; open platform or cab and a choice of open- or closed-center hydraulics.

These tough tractors deliver all the strength, power and reliability one would expect from a Challenger tractor. Whether they’re at work around the farm, moving materials on the construction site or mowing the median on a state highway, Challenger MT400B Series tractors give more at every turn.

More torque, more control, more serviceability features and more fuel left at the end of the day are just a few trademarks of the MT400B Series.

Model PTO hp* (kW) Engine
MT445B 75 (56) Cat® C4.4 ACERT
MT455B 85 (63) Cat® C4.4 ACERT
MT465B 95 (71) Cat® C4.4 ACERT
MT475B 100 (75) Cat® C4.4 ACERT

Download the MT400B Spec Sheet
Download the MT400B Brochure


Challenger MT400D Series Utility Tractors

No tractor tackles the tough jobs with this much ease. Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, the MT400D Series is ideal for loader work, hay production, planting and tillage, and general on-the-ranch use.

With its shorter wheelbase and 4-cylinder AGCO Power™ engine (90-125 PTO hp), the MT400D is sure to be the most maneuverable and versatile workhorse on your farm or ranch.

Download MT400D Specs
Download MT400D Brochure


Model PTO hp* Transmission
MT455D 90 AutoPower4
MT465D 100 AutoPower4
MT475D 100/110 TechStar CVT/AutoPower4
MT485D 115/110/120 AutoPower6/TechStar CVT/AutoPower6
MT495D 120/125 AutoPower6/TechStar CVT


MT500D Series Row Crop Tractors

Challenger is a machine that knows you mean business. A machine that’s built for performance and productivity and styled for comfort and control. A machine that’s ready to go — all day, every day and well into the night.

With more power, increased efficiency and unprecedented ergonomic control, the all-new Challenger® MT500D Series is that machine. Designed to give you exactly what you need, it redefines expectations of what a tractor should be — on the field and in the cab.

Your tractor isn’t just a tool or a piece of equipment. It’s your key to productivity and profitability. The MT500D Series combines e3 clean air technology with the TechStar™ CVT transmission and the Tier 4i-compliant AGCO POWER™ engine to deliver clean power, performance and efficiency.

Continuous innovation, uncompromised power and a multitude of technologically advanced features create a totally new operator experience, setting the MT500D Series apart from any competition and exceeding all expectations.

Model PTO hp* Transmission
MT525D 110 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT525D 120 AutoPower VI (16x16)
MT535D 120 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT545D 130 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT555D 140 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT565D 150 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT575D 165 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT585D 180 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT595D 195 AutoPower VI (24x24)

Download the MT500D Brochure


MT600D Series Row Crop Tractors

Quite possibly the most advanced row crop tractor ever built: we set out to build a tractor that would exceed the specific performance requirements that large-scale farming operations demand. Mission accomplished.

Introducing the Challenger MT600D Series--purpose-built for agribusiness professionals looking for a big-time productivity edge. This tractor is your high-capacity, high-power choice for unrivaled performance day after day, season after season, year after year.

AGCO POWER™ Engine: This Tier 4i-compliant engine delivers unmatched power. And coupled with our innovative e3 SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology you get the unbeatable combination of performance and unprecedented air quality control.

TRUTRAK Steering: This lets the operator easily adjust the steering ratio to require more or less turns of the steering wheel for the same angle of turn of the front wheels. With this adjustment flexibility, you'll enjoy quicker turns with less effort.

TECHSTAR™ CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with Power Management: When activated, the engine and stepless transmission technology work together to find the most efficient operating mode. You'll end up saving fuel, reducing engine noise and extending service life.

Model PTO hp (kW) Engine  
MT645D 205 (151) AGCO Power 8.4L  
MT655D 225 (168) AGCO Power 8.4L  
MT665D 250 (186) AGCO Power 8.4L  
MT675D 275 (205) AGCO Power 8.4L  
MT685D 290 (216) AGCO Power 8.4L

MT600E Series Wheel Tractors

With more power, efficiency and comfort than ever before, the MT600E is seriously on a roll. An AGCO POWER™ 84 designed solely for the demands of agricultural applications produces big torque down low where it counts. With redesigned cooling and hydraulic systems ready for the pressures of any job, it’s built to set new benchmarks for productivity.

Download the MT600E Spec Sheet
Download the MT600E Brochure


MT700D Series Track Tractors
When you need the ultimate articulated 4-wheel drive machine to tackle vast acreage, the only machine you want is the MT900E. A proven AGCOPower™ 168 with twin turbochargers delivers high torque at all engine RPMs to make short work of any field. With a massive frame and increased hydraulic flow, the most massive implements will never know what hit them.

Download the MT700D Brochure



MT700E Series Track Tractors
The best ton-for-ton tractor is bigger and stronger and delivers even greater horsepower. The AGCO Power™ 9.8L engine comes with up to 400 hp for tackling the most demanding conditions.

Challenger MT700E Series track tractors. Available in three models ranging from 350 to 400 engine HP, these rugged and reliable tractors are designed to meet the demanding, high-productivity needs of today’s progressive growers.

Between its powerful new AGCO POWER™ 98 diesel engine, industry-exclusive Mobil-trac™ undercarriage system, redesigned hydraulics, and rugged drawbar and three-point hitch, the MT700E Series delivers unparalleled performance. Topped with a Pinnacle View cab, these new tractors put operators in the optimum position for longer, more productive workdays.

  • AGCO POWER 98, a 9.8L, seven-cylinder diesel engine with a long torque curve and high torque rise at low RPMs
  • Common components across the AGCO POWER family engine line 
  • 500-hour engine service interval with flexible oil requirements to simplify routine maintenance.
  • The exclusive Challenger Mobil-trac system puts more power to the ground with a patented undercarriage design. 
  • Oscillating mid-wheels outperform rigid competitive track designs, leaving a lighter footprint to reduce compaction in the field 
  • The industry’s widest array of track offerings with easy-to-adjust gauge and tension settings, adapting easily to any application. The simple, maintenance-free design adds to the overall efficiency of the MT700E Series.
  • The distinctive Pinnacle View cab with 360 degrees of visibility. Clear sight lines to the tracks, drawbar and implements reduce operator strain, and a powerful lighting package allows work to continue long into the night.
  • The spacious cab interior loaded with productivity-boosting features
  • Three models with the MT755E (350 HP), the MT765E (375 HP) and the MT775E (400 HP).
  • Built in USA and supported by a dealer network that provides unparalleled support and parts availability

Download the MT700E Brochure


MT800C Series Track Tractors

For more than 20 years, Challenger track tractors power by Cat® have been the leaders in their field in terms of technology, productivity and horsepower. Now, Challenger has raised the bar again with the new MT800C Series ranging from 335 to 425 PTO hp.

All five models in the lineup feature even higher horsepower ratings, the advanced technology that comes with a new ISOBUS system and an impressive array of features designed to make you even more productive and efficient. Among them are a new digital dash display that's easier to read; a redesigned tractor management center that provides simpler and more intuitive operation and a new hydraulic system with a higher degree of control, higher flow and greater adaptability.

Download the MT800C Brochure


MT800E Series Tractors
Everyone talks horsepower, but true power can only come from torque. Our second largest and powerful track machine delivers unrivaled torque to quiet the talk. Driving the MT800E is an AGCOPower™ 16.8L engine that’s engineered solely for the demands of agricultural applications, ranging from 365 to 425 PTO hp. Nothing comes close when you need to power through the toughest tillage applications without losing speed or torque.

Download the 800E Brochure


Challenger® MT900C Series Tractors
The Challenger MT900C continues to be the highest-horsepower commercially available four-wheel-drive tractor in the world with gross engine horsepower ratings up to 585 hp (436 kW) on the model MT975C.

The 900C Series might share a number of features and components with the comparably sized MT800C Series track tractors, but the MT900C Series is much more than a Challenger® track tractor on tires.

All four models in the MT900C Series feature state-of-the-art technology as well as setting standards in the industry for the widest and heaviest frame, paired with the largest diameter driveline to ensure that the weight and horsepower are delivered to the ground, partnered with the largest standard diameter axles in the industry to provide maximum durability and strength.

Download the 900C Brochure


Challenger® MT900E Series Tractors
Three Challenger MT900E Series tractor models match robust new AGCO Power™ 16.8-liter diesel engines from 490 to 590 engine HP with enhanced hydraulic capacity, delivering the perfect union of efficient power and rugged capability.

The MT900E Series is specifically designed to meet the productivity needs of the most progressive grower, and all MT900E Series tractors feature AP168-4 diesel engines built just for agriculture so operators can power through challenging field conditions and cover more ground, more efficiently, each day.

Take on bigger implements and achieve more with ample horsepower, a sustained torque curve, high-flow hydraulics, smooth PTO engagement and a robust three-point hitch. Additionally, fully integrated auto guidance technology and deluxe cab upgrades reduce operator fatigue and maximize productivity.


ML Series Loaders
Thanks to their rugged construction and broad range of attachments, Challenger® ML Series front-end loaders give new meaning to flexibility.

With the right attachment, your Challenger tractor and loader—which operate as an integral unit—can do everything from moving snow, gravel or grain to loading bales or pallets to digging and backfilling.



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