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CLAAS Jaguar Forage Harvesters

Presenting the CLAAS Jaguar forage harvester—from the most efficient range of forage harvesters, the JAGUAR 900 Series ranging from 429 to 830 horsepower and the JAGUAR Green Eye, ranging from 345 to 623 horsepower. The versatile header offer completes this range to be the most successful, yet versatile, range of forage harvesters.

JAGUAR Forage Harvesters and Hay Equipment:
Diverse Use for High Efficiency

HOLT AgriBusiness has always had a great relationship with CLAAS, offering its full line of Lexion combines. Now, that relationship is strengthened by adding CLAAS' efficient range of forage harvesters and hay tools.
JAGUAR 900 Series (429 to 830 hp). Since its launch in 2008, the JAGUAR has made a name for itself thanks to outstanding performance and unmatched chopping quality. The 900 series harvesters, with a wider range of equipment, offer these improvements:
* Greater engine management systems with first-class technology
* Continuous moisture meter system
* Enhanced CEBIS information and control system
* Simple and highly efficient drive system
* Optimized JAGUAR crop flow
* New V-MAX chopping drum with up to 24 knives for unrivalled chopping quality
* Clever transmission design
* New, more spacious cab and more confortable controls
JAGUAR Green Eye 800 Series (345 to 623 hp).  With its distinctive design - the engine is installed transverse to the direction of travel, the Green Eye has these advantages over competitive machines:
* The chopping system is driven directly by the engine crankshaft via a maintenance-free, long power belt
* The direct drive guarantees a high efficiency of power transmission and simultaneously holds down the specific power requirement
* The transversally mounted engine is very easily accessible from all sides
* Maintenance operations are carried out quickly
* The durable main clutch is maintenance free
* The drive for the feed rollers and the front attachments is extremely low-maintenance
* The constant exact tension of the strong main drive belt ensures a very long service life
Hay Tools
Forage harvesting lays the foundation for a successful livestock operation. Through its range of complete, perfectly matched harvest chains from mowing, tedding and swathing to chopping or baling, HOLT Agribusiness offers CLAAS' line of unique, well-designed hay tools to create the ideal conditions for successful forage harvesting and thriving livestock. Click on the products below to learn more.

* COUGAR Mowers
* DISCO Mowers
* VOLTO Tedders
* LINER Rakes

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