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White Planters

The dependability and accuracy of White Planters has been field-proven over hundreds of thousands of acres since their introduction.

White Planters offer a wide product line to best suit all of your planting needs:

Mounted Planters

8700 Series Rigid and Vertical Fold Planters
Teamed with the legendary White Planter Row Unit, the 8700 Series is an unbeatable combination that just makes solid economic sense.

The 8700 Series is ideally suited to corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beats, peanuts, snap beans, edible beans and many other conventional tillage and specialty crop applications. With 11 models in the 8700 Series lineup, rigid and vertical folding, you are sure to find the planter to suit your needs. Each model is unmatched in maneuverability and overall uniformity of seed placement.


8700 Series Stacker Toolbar Planter
No need to empty seed and granular chemical boxes at the end of a field again. The 8700 Stacker Toolbar Planter hydraulically lifts the outer wings over the center section, keeping the chemical and seed hoppers upright for transportation.

Time and performance are valuable come planting season and the 8700 Series planter offers you the flexibility and unique capabilities to keep you moving, including such features as independent transmissions, 5 degrees of flex up and down and the ability to pin the wings to create a rigid frame planter.


Pull-Type Planters

8100 Series Rigid Planter
The White 8100 Series, with five rigid models, is the equipment for anyone with a variety of planting conditions in their operation. 4-row narrow or wide, through 12-row narrow, the 8100 Series is designed to handle the stress of heavy residue and uneven seedbed conditions.

The 8100 Series also provides uniform seed placement with the use of the White Metering System.These planters were designed to be cost effective, yet efficient to keep you moving from field to field in as little time as possible.



8100 Series Vertical Fold Planter
Simply stated, it’s the best built, most cost-effective folding planter available today. The 8100 Series Vertical Fold Planter provides the benefits of high acreage productivity with the ability to accept a wide selection of fertilizer and tillage attachments. Hydraulically activated wings allow for ease of operation and save you time at the end of the field.

The 8900 Narrow Row Splitter quickly attaches to a 30", 36", or 38" planter to create a narrow row planting system with a 15", 18", or 19".



8180 Series Forward Fold Planter
Speed, accuracy and efficiency are all key factors within the narrow window of opportunity during planting season. From the moment you enter the field, the 8180 Series, 2-section planters, unfold and are in planting mode in a couple of minutes.

You can cover up to a full 40’ each pass with the 16-row 30”, allowing you to precisely plant hundreds of acres a day. Also available is the 12-row 30”, allowing for optimal acre coverage as well. When finished, quickly fold to a narrow 15’ from the convenience of your cab.


8200 Series Wing Fold Planter
You can’t avoid transporting your planter; and the ease of the transport is a key consideration with any planter. The 8200 Series Wing Fold Planters not only transport narrow, when folded they feature a low and stable transport height. Diverse opportunities make this planter an essential to your operation. Flex frame or rigid frame, independent wing transmission and liquid fertilizer models allow you optimal versatility in the field. The 8200 Series is offered in 8-row 36” or 38” configurations or a 12-row 30” configuration.


8300 Series Wing Fold Planter
Challenging economic times require you to closely evaluate every major equipment purchase. Today’s corn and soybean operators require a two-in-one seeding system. The 8300 Series Rear-Fold Frame Planter is truly a multi-purpose tool that enables the operator to utilize a single planting system in standard and narrow row applications.

The 8300 Series offers outstanding crop diversity with the ability to hydraulically change the planter from 12-row 30” corn configurations to 13-row 15” narrow row soybean configurations. The 16-row 30” changes to a 17-row 15” as well.

The optional hydraulic drive planter (12-row Flex frame) features In-cab control of the Infinitely Variable Seed Rate Controller increase operator ease and efficiency.


8400 & 8500 Series Narrow Row Planters
After spending one season planting with an 8400 Series White Planter, you’ll wish every piece of equipment in your operation was this productive. The series includes the 8412 Model, available in 12-row 20” or 12-row 22” configurations and the 8415 Model, a 15-row planter ideally suited for narrow row soybean applications.

Switching from beans to corn? The 8415 planter allows you to lock up the split rows and you’re ready to plant 8 rows at 30” row width. The 8400 Series is equipped to help you take that next step to site specific farming with the help of the Variable Seed Rate Technology combined with Fieldstar DGPS technology.

The 8500 Series, with five available models, offers a full line of frame and row spacing options that let you tackle a wide range of planting applications. Available row widths of 15”, 20”, 22” and 30” on main frames that range from 30’ up to 60’, the 8500 Series is suited for planting a variety of crops that include corn, soybeans and sugar beets.


8500 Series Central Fill System
The new White 8500 CFS Series Planters with a Central Fill System redefines features and benefits for planter versatility, simplicity and efficiency. The new planters combine the proven precision planting technology and rugged engineering of the 8500 Flex Frame planters with concepts used in the SC144 Seed Cart to produce an onboard bulk seed hopper and distribution system. The new system allows for more time planting, rather than refilling individual hoppers.

  • 8523CFS (23 row, 15-inch spacing/12 row, 30-inch spacing)
  • 8524-20CFS (24 row, 20-inch spacing)
  • 8524-22CFS (24 row, 22-inch spacing)
  • 8524-30CFS (24 row, 30-inch spacing)
  • 8531CFS (31 row, 15-inch spacing/16 row, 30-inch spacing)

Each row unit is equipped with the same “Simply Advanced” White Metering Unit that all our planters utilize. Positive air metering gently holds each seed in the seed cell and drops the seed by gravity precisely at the right moment to maximize seed placement accuracy. Unique to the 8500CFS planter row unit is the meter cover design. The design maintains a small amount of seed in the meter reservoir and automatically replenishes the seed by regulating the air/seed flow to the meter.



8600 Series Rigid Two-Bar Planter
The 8600 Series Rigid Two-Bar Planter from White is engineered to excel in limited time, multi-crop situations. Four models, 4-row, 6-row narrow, 6-row wide, and 8-row narrow, give you increased variations with the same proven dependability of White Planters. Within minutes, the split-rows can be lowered, converting this 8-row 30” corn planter to a 15-row narrow row soybean planter.

In the end, one machine allows you to reap the benefits of 30” corn while capitalizing on the early canopy and increased yields of narrow row soybeans. Your White 8600 Series Planter can be configured to your exact specifications and is engineered to handle a full compliment of fertilizers and tillage attachments.


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